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The Robert A. Foisie '56 Innovation Studio—Meet the Challenge


The Foisie Innovation Studio, named in honor of WPI’s most generous individual benefactor, will be the physical manifestation of WPI’s distinctive project-based approach to STEM higher education. More than 40 years ago, the WPI Plan made space in the curriculum for hands-on project-based problem-solving. Now the Foisie Innovation Studio will make physical space on campus in which this learning will unfold.

With your help, the Foisie Innovation Studio will rise as a state-of-the-art innovation space best suited for WPI’s distinctive hands-on collaborative problem-solving. It will advance the WPI Plan by providing a home for project-based learning that will enable integration across disciplines and all levels of learning and research—undergraduate, graduate, faculty, alumni and industry partners. The Foisie Innovation Studio will become known as the most dynamic and exciting place on campus, where ideas grow, collide, and develop into transformational solutions for the challenges facing communities around the world.

With the Alden Trust Challenge, we invite you to look forward with us. If we raise $9 million together for the Foisie Innovation Studio, the Alden Trust will give another $3 million to this important project. Do your part to make the Foisie Innovation Studio a vibrant center for collaborative learning, impactful research, and transformative projects. Every gift makes an impact.

1In memory of Prof. Van Bluemel$3,6700.0 Donors
2Skull$2,9250.0 Donors
3WPI Faculty/Staff$2,1050.0 Donors
4Electrical & Computer Eng $3500.0 Donors
5Computer Science$2750.0 Donors
6American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)$6000.0 Donors
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7Management Info Systems$1500.0 Donors
8Engineers Without Borders$750.0 Donors
9Mechanical Engineering$500.0 Donors
10Management Engineering$5000.0 Donors
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1Alpha Tau Omega$6000.0 Donors
2Lambda Chi Alpha$6000.0 Donors
3Sigma Alpha Epsilon$3500.0 Donors
4Sigma Pi$1000.0 Donors
5Phi Gamma Delta$500.0 Donors
6Phi Kappa Theta$500.0 Donors
7Tau Kappa Epsilon$500.0 Donors
8Zeta Psi$250.0 Donors
9Alpha Epsilon Pi$50.0 Donors
All donations by Greek Org >
1Class of 1949$4000.0 Donors
2Class of 1950$2000.0 Donors
3Class of 1951$2,1000.0 Donors
4Class of 1956$1,0000.0 Donors
5Class of 1975$3000.0 Donors
6Class of 2001$3000.0 Donors
7Class of 1960$1,0000.0 Donors
8Class of 2010$2250.0 Donors
9Class of 1977$1500.0 Donors
10Class of 2007$1250.0 Donors
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  • Individual gifts of $500 or more
  • Affinity Recognition: $10,000 or more
  • Class Year: $10,000 or more OR 30% or more participation

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