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Recognition Challenge

Alumni Gym represents the first comprehensive effort by WPI alumni to support the students who followed them.

To honor the same spirit of community philanthropy required to transform Alumni Gym into the home of the WPI Plan, we have established the following recognition levels that will display in the Atrium:

  • Individual gifts of $500 or more
  • Affinity Recognition (Greek, Sporting team, Club, etc.): $10,000 or more
  • Class Year: $10,000 or more OR 30% or more participation
All individual gifts of $25 or more count to the Affinity and Class Year Recognition.
1In memory of Prof. Van Bluemel$12,73081 Donors 
2Skull$15,60067 Donors 
3WPI Faculty/Staff$3,55538 Donors
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4Electrical & Computer Eng $1,0258 Donors
5Student Government$4,6005 Donors
6Mechanical Engineering$2255 Donors
7Civil Engineering$9004 Donors
8Computer Science$3754 Donors
9Chemical Engineering$6503 Donors
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10Men’s Rowing - Crew$6253 Donors
11Management Info Systems$2503 Donors
12Pep Band$1503 Donors
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13Robotics Engineering$1003 Donors
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14Swimming and Diving$953 Donors
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15Mathematical Sciences$1,0252 Donors
16American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)$6002 Donors
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17In Memory of John van Alstyne (van A)$5882 Donors
18Association for Computing Machinery$2002 Donors
19Friends of Bill Grogan$1852 Donors
20Student Comedy Productions$1252 Donors
21Engineers Without Borders$752 Donors
22Ski and Snowboard Club$2,5001 Donor
23Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)$1,0001 Donor
24Actuarial Math Club$5501 Donor
25Christian Bible Fellowship$5501 Donor
26Management Engineering$5001 Donor
27Physics$5001 Donor
28Project Center Washington$5001 Donor
29American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)$5001 Donor
30Bowling$5001 Donor
31Lens and Lights$5001 Donor
32Masque$5001 Donor
33Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics$5001 Donor
34Industrial Engineering$2501 Donor
35Society of Fire Protection Engineers$1501 Donor
36Biomedical Engineering$1001 Donor
37Chinese Student and Scholar Association$1001 Donor
38WPI Friend$501 Donor
39Biology & Biotechnology$501 Donor
40Ice Hockey$501 Donor
41Admissions Tour Guide$501 Donor
42Design Club$501 Donor
43Game Development Club$501 Donor
44Jazz Group$501 Donor
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45Football$501 Donor
46Humanities & Arts$251 Donor
47Project Center Bangkok$251 Donor
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48Glee Club$251 Donor
49Student Alumni Society$251 Donor
50Project Center Namibia$251 Donor
51Women's Rowing - Crew$201 Donor
1Phi Kappa Theta$9,90010 Donors
2Lambda Chi Alpha$5,1009 Donors
3Sigma Phi Epsilon$5,2254 Donors
4Alpha Tau Omega$6754 Donors
5Alpha Chi Rho$6253 Donors
6Theta Chi$3503 Donors
7Tau Kappa Epsilon$1003 Donors
8Sigma Pi$6002 Donors
9Sigma Alpha Epsilon$3502 Donors
10Phi Sigma Kappa$5001 Donor
11Alpha Gamma Delta$501 Donor
12Alpha Xi Delta$501 Donor
13Phi Gamma Delta$501 Donor
14Phi Sigma Sigma$501 Donor
15Alpha Phi Omega$251 Donor
16Alpha Psi Omega$251 Donor
17Zeta Psi$251 Donor
18Alpha Epsilon Pi$51 Donor
1Class of 2014$1,15025 Donors
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2Class of 1957$2,80015 Donors
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3Class of 1949$2,1258 Donors
4Class of 1956$4,75010 Donors
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5Class of 1953$1,7758 Donors
6Class of 1939$5001 Donor
7Class of 1940$1001 Donor
8Class of 1964$7,29018 Donors
9Class of 1961$7,00016 Donors
10Class of 1972$3,72018 Donors
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11Class of 1942$1001 Donor
12Class of 1967$4,72518 Donors
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13Class of 1965$5,85016 Donors
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14Class of 1974$3,44525 Donors
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15Class of 1955$4505 Donors
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16Class of 1946$7305 Donors
17Class of 1969$3,94417 Donors
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18Class of 1944$3002 Donors
19Class of 1951$2,9005 Donors
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20Class of 1977$10,83021 Donors
21Class of 1976$3,97024 Donors
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22Class of 1973$4,95024 Donors
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23Class of 1947$10,0001 Donor
24Class of 1959$6,87510 Donors
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25Class of 1954$10,3504 Donors
26Class of 1963$1,0509 Donors
27Class of 1945$125,0252 Donors
28Class of 1970$1,69514 Donors
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29Class of 1950$7754 Donors
30Class of 1980$4,03526 Donors
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31Class of 1948$1253 Donors
32Class of 1975$19,02519 Donors
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33Class of 1943$1001 Donor
34Class of 1981$2,43120 Donors
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35Class of 1979$152,45020 Donors
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36Class of 2013$1,66437 Donors
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37Class of 2006$4,12527 Donors
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38Class of 1968$91513 Donors
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39Class of 1986$4,31522 Donors
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40Class of 2001$2,09523 Donors
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41Class of 1978$4,30016 Donors
    2 Messages    
42Class of 1994$4,59525 Donors
43Class of 1997$2,55022 Donors
    3 Messages    
44Class of 2007$2,03522 Donors
    3 Messages    
45Class of 2005$1,33523 Donors
    2 Messages    
46Class of 1983$12,33020 Donors
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47Class of 2010$2,53026 Donors
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48Class of 1988$8,43021 Donors
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49Class of 1984$7,85021 Donors
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50Class of 1958$1,0505 Donors
51Class of 1960$6,8506 Donors
52Class of 1989$2,35018 Donors
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53Class of 2012$1,69027 Donors
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54Class of 1982$2,97517 Donors
55Class of 1962$5006 Donors
56Class of 1987$3,15519 Donors
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57Class of 1991$5,22318 Donors
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58Class of 2009$1,55020 Donors
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59Class of 2017$803 Donors
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60Class of 2008$1,57525 Donors
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61Class of 1971$90310 Donors
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62Class of 1985$3,03017 Donors
63Class of 1993$4,71518 Donors
64Class of 1995$2,14017 Donors
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65Class of 1992$1,60014 Donors
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66Class of 1996$3,27515 Donors
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67Class of 1966$1,7756 Donors
68Class of 2011$86517 Donors
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69Class of 1990$2,94314 Donors
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70Class of 1998$1,15013 Donors
71Class of 2004$2,20012 Donors
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72Class of 2015$352 Donors
73Class of 2003$47511 Donors
74Class of 2000$1,57011 Donors
75Class of 1999$2,6508 Donors
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76Class of 1952$501 Donor
77Class of 2002$9758 Donors