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Global Impact Connector


An atrium will showcase WPI accomplishments by displaying WPI innovations and alumni inventions, current student projects, the history of The WPI Plan, and donors to the project. Dynamic displays, real-time videos, and other communications tools will give students and faculty the ability to connect projects around the world.

It will take contributions from many alumni to equip the atrium, now dubbed the "Global Impact Connector", with high-tech A/V hardware and software, multiple screens and digital displays, a sophisticated sound system, movable furniture to create flexible space for events. Make your gift and make a difference.

1In memory of Prof. Van Bluemel$5,3350.0 Donors
2Skull$4,2500.0 Donors
3WPI Faculty/Staff$5700.0 Donors
4Student Government$2,0000.0 Donors
5Civil Engineering$1500.0 Donors
6Student Comedy Productions$1250.0 Donors
7Actuarial Math Club$5500.0 Donors
8Christian Bible Fellowship$5500.0 Donors
9Biology & Biotechnology$500.0 Donors
10Chemical Engineering$500.0 Donors
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1Alpha Chi Rho$1250.0 Donors
2Sigma Phi Epsilon$1250.0 Donors
3Lambda Chi Alpha$1,0000.0 Donors
4Phi Kappa Theta$1,0000.0 Donors
5Theta Chi$2500.0 Donors
6Alpha Gamma Delta$500.0 Donors
7Alpha Tau Omega$500.0 Donors
8Phi Sigma Sigma$500.0 Donors
9Alpha Psi Omega$250.0 Donors
10Tau Kappa Epsilon$250.0 Donors
All donations by Greek Org >
1Class of 1977$5750.0 Donors
2Class of 2010$1,2000.0 Donors
3Class of 1997$5500.0 Donors
4Class of 2009$6500.0 Donors
5Class of 1983$3000.0 Donors
6Class of 2003$500.0 Donors
7Class of 1985$1250.0 Donors
8Class of 1968$250.0 Donors
9Class of 2008$750.0 Donors
10Class of 1981$2500.0 Donors
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Recognition Challenges

WPI Recognition

  • Individual gifts of $500 or more
  • Affinity Recognition: $10,000 or more
  • Class Year: $10,000 or more OR 30% or more participation

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